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Adult Students

We have a variety of classes and most of our classes are free. Please contact us to check the class schedule and enroll.

(254) 442-3000



Whether this is your first child or your tenth, we have great parenting programs for you. There are times we all could use support, new ideas, or simply refreshers on how to handle our children. That is when our parenting classes come in. We have curriculum for prenatal up until a child is 18 years old. 



Relationships impact every area of life. We provided classes to help re-evaluate, restore, and revive relationships in your life. Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, all are welcome!


Self Help

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. If you desire to stop negative self thinking, feeling, and everything in between, these classes might be right for you. Time to make time for yourself. 


Sex Education

Culture and society emphasize sexuality. At The Open Door, we desire to mentor, educate, and provide answers with an abstinence-only mindset. This is an area that we want people to evaluate and understand with a healthy ideology. 

​**The Open Door does not provide or refer for abortion procedures.

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Life Skills

Life can be very complicated. At The Open Door, we offer various classes to make it less complicated such as financial peace, leadership, cultural awareness, conflict resolution, cooking, and much more. 


Teen Court

The Open Door has partnered with our counties juvenile system to give alternative and healthy options for teens to learn life skills and other relationship concerns in a safe environment. 



This class is done as needed. If you want to simply learn the skills it is free but if you need the certification and card there is a fee. 



Education holding you back. The Open Door offers free GED classes to help you get that achievement that you have always wanted or needed.



Have you had a loss in your life? We would like to be your support and help you process. Our Griefshare class can be done individually or in a group.

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