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Dad's Club Intro

Hello everyone. My name is Jason Whetstone and I am a client advocate at The Open Door in Cisco and Breckenridge, TX. I also facilitate our weekly Dad's Club meetings. I just want to take a couple of minutes to introduce you to the Dad’s Club at The Open Door, and let you know what we’re about.

We all know, men and women are different. We talk, walk, and act differently. We look at things differently, and we think and feel differently. Many times, when people give parenting advice, or classes they are giving information for the moms from a mom’s perspective, or some of the information is made so generic that we just can't relate it to our individual circumstances. While the advice and teaching may be good information and can be used in a lot of cases, there are still a lot of things that men see, think, and feel that don’t get addressed.

With almost 20 million children in the United States living without a father in the home (source: 2017 U.S. census bureau), we want to help fathers who are present and parenting as well as expecting fathers, to be the best dads they can be! So, we have Dad’s Club.

Dad’s Club is a group of fathers who meet on a weekly basis to discuss parenting issues and share our varied experience and perspectives with each other. We all interact. We ask questions, and we talk about fathering from a DAD’S perspective. We discuss topics like relationships, child discipline, character building, and a lot more. And of course, we also talk about sports, games, movies, and all the rest of the guy stuff we all enjoy. We have fathers from varied walks of life with children of varied ages from newborn to teenager.

So, whether you are an expecting dad, been a dad for decades, or somewhere in between, we want you to join us. Share your experience and perspective, and we can all grow and learn to be the best dads we can be…together. We meet every Tuesday evening at 6:30. You can also join our Open Door Dad’s Club Facebook group on the Open Door’s Facebook page where we post the link to our meeting every week. We also post updates, fathering tips, humor, and sometimes just an encouraging word. So come join our fb group today. Join our meeting next Tuesday, and partner with us in growing and learning to be the best dads we can possibly be. And remember, DADS ARE IMPORTANT!


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