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Donor Bill Of Rights

We commit that we will value our relationship with you more than any need to ask for financial support.

We commit that our financial appeals will ask nothing more than that you give to our ministry freely, cheerfully, and in obedience to God's calling.

We commit that we will respect and honor all donors of our ministry without regard to the size of their gifts or the frequency of their giving


We commit that we will not use coercion, manipulation, or any other improper conduct to persuade you to give financially to this ministry.

We commit that we will use your financial gifts in accordance with the purposes we say they will be used.

We commit that we will exercise good stewardship in using the financial resources that you entrust to us.

We commit that we will regularly communicate with you about the work of our ministry and the programs that you support.

We commit that all of our communications to you will be truthful and accurate.

We commit that we will conduct all of our ministry activities with the ultimate goal of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and giving glory to God.

We commit that we will faithfully pray for you and your needs.

We commit to protect your privacy; The Open Door will not sell, share, or rent your name to any other organization.

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