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According to the US National Library of Medicine, "Abortion is [the medical term used to explain] a procedure to end a pregnancy. It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus."

There are many reasons mothers expecting a child might consider having an abortion. We are here to help during these uncertain times. The loving staff here at The Open Door is not here to make judgments, but instead to hold your hand and go over the options available to you. 


Filling Out a Medical Form

Texas requires an ultrasound to be performed before having an abortion. We provide FREE ultrasounds for expecting mothers. Call us to schedule your ultrasound today!

Abortion in Texas is one of the options that is currently available for mothers expecting a child. The Open Door is a pregnancy help center, made to help expecting mothers. 

If you are contemplating having an abortion in Texas, we provide options counseling for you, please contact us today.

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